In-Spirited Inspirations – Blog Contest

Re-Posted from Kal-Ba Publishing: In-Spirited Inspirations – Blog Contest by Lorri Woodmansee (Feb. 2014)   Like to write?  Want an opportunity to get your creative energies flowing? In-Spirited Inspirations is a blog contest spearheaded by Kal-Ba publishing to give writers an opportunity to share their creative energies.  This blog contest is a game of sorts,…


Past Life Memories

Past Life Experiences of Children I recently was contacted by the producer of a new reality TV show called Ghost Inside My Child .  I was asked if I could be interested in interviewing for their show. Sandra happen to find my blog and read my posting on my own daughter’s past life recall (Read…

promo for jan 22 radio show

Wed. Jan 22nd Dream Visitations on “Paranormal Kool-Aid”

I have been invited to join an otherworldly dreaming discussion with Dream Researcher & Author Gillian Holloway on “Paranormal Kool-Aid” Paranormal Talk Radio Wednesday Jan. 22, 2014. The show starts airing at 6pm PST as Gillian begins the discussion exploring visitation dreams with the hosts of Paranormal Kool-aid. I join in on this discussion at 7pm PST…

By Gravure de Day (?) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

(Guest Post) Para-Dreaming; an Interesting Concept by Lilly Luna

Originally posted on Hubpages http://lilyluna.hubpages.com/hub/Para-Dreaming-an-Interesting-Concept What does Para-Dreaming mean? So what is the definition of ‘para-dreaming’? The root word ‘para’, derived from the Greek language meaning ‘near, alongside, beyond, beside and abnormal’. In the context of this article, para-dreaming is ‘b dreaming’ or dreaming in the beyond. Dream study is not a new concept; in…


Upcoming: February online Dreamshop

What IS Really Happening During Your Dreamtime? February Dreamshop!! Dreaming through the Beyond. Ever wonder what is really happening during your dreamtime? Those long nights of traveling to places near and far, some familiar and unfamiliar… maybe you find yourself encountering the strangest of figures, yet gaining some of the greatest advice?! Do you ever…



“The physical plane is not the only existence in which we live amongst; sometimes an image or feeling is not simply defined by a blanket translation. Where did you travel through during your dreaming last night?”   ~ …. from my upcoming book on para-dreaming Dreaming the beyond.